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Brad Klippert

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Brad's Committment to Parents

Deliver a great education to every student!

Let's start with 'Back to the Basics.' Math, Writing, Reading. Brad wants to your child to be able to read and do math at grade level from third grade, to High School graduation.

Restore the Education & Parent Partnership

We need teachers and parents to work together through open lines of communication between schools & parents. Parents know best, and we need to create an environment of respect for all cultures and value systems.

Statewide Equitable Funding

In 2008, spending per student was around $7000 per year; now it's nearly $20,000 per year!
Obviously, spending more money doesn’t create more successful students. Brad Klippert will work with stakeholders to examine the current school funding formulas and create innovative solutions.

More School Choice

Running Start. Online Schools. Some Charter schools. These options are good. We need more choices. Brad's goal is to encourage the development of more choice in every community while also supporting more traditional public school options.

Running Start & Apprenticeships

Higher Ed not a good fit for everyone. Brad will work to fully implement and expand the new "Running Start for the Trades" regional apprenticeship programs for high school students, implemented by the 2023 Legislature (HB Bill 1013)


Families want open access to curriculum. Taxpayers want to know what they're paying for. Everyone wants to know what's happening in the school budget.

Transparency in education helps the students and community.

Brad understands the importance of education!

Brad's Education Journey

Average in High School

In high school Brad wasn’t focused on studies – football was his love. He graduated with something between 2.0 and 2.5 GPA.

Struggled in college

Brad then enrolled in Northwest University and in the first two trimesters got a 1.8 GPA, and ended up on academic probation.

Looking for a future

Out of money, Brad left Northwest to try his hand at several different careers... After several years, he returned to Northwest to finish his education.

Aiming high!

Looking around, Brad saw that his friends who were really studying were aiming high. He realized that without a high quality education he was not going to achieve success in life. He realized that a great education would open doors.

Brad graduated with a double major, and was the Senior class president. Later, he earned a Masters Degree in Teaching, and graduated with Honors and a 3.97 GPA.

Qualifications for OSPI

School Resource Office for 22 years

Benton County Sheriff

Now serving 2 school districts, six schools.

Counselor and Childcare supervisor Bailie Memorial Youth Ranch for troubled youth, Basin City, Washington

Brad has taught at the elementary, middle, high school, and college levels.

Experienced State Legislator

As a 7 term State Legislator for the 8th Legislative District, Brad served on the following House Committees: • Public Safety (assistant ranking member) • Children, Youth, and Families • Civil Rights and Judiciary • Education.

In his time at the legislature, Brad became knowledgable in education law and the duties of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Formal Education:

Columbia Basin College: EMT

Central Washington University: nationally certified paramedic

Northwest University:

Bachelors in Behavioral Science and Biblical Studies

City University: Masters Degree in Teaching

Army Reserve/National Guard - Flight School

Became a test pilot.

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Brad Klippert's Committment to Parents

  • Deliver a great education to every student!

  • Restore the Education & Parent Partnership

  • Equitable Funding Statewide

  • More School Choice

  • Running Start & Apprenticeships

  • Transparency

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